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    I’ve been adding content to pages – no problems. I added a couple of posts – again no problem I thought, until I go to the post page. The widgets aren’t over on the right hand side, they’re appearing at the bottom of the post – after the social buttons and the comment box – just above the footer.

    On index page and other pages the widgets are behaving themselves properly.

    Here’s a link: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -small/

    I also notice on the slider (news slideshow) that the image area is clickable but the sidebar – although the link name shows up – is not.




    I’m not sure which modifications you did but I can see a strange symbol/smiley in your sidebar. Can you play with the widgets and addons a bit – it looks like something is producing some crazy stuff.


    The Dude


    Weird. I don’t see that smiley on my screen.

    I have removed every widget except the “recent posts” on the blog sidebar and it’s still appearing at the base of the post.

    Additionally – what about that link from the slider sidebar – should that be live?



    No the sidebar is just for switching the news entries.

    The Dude


    Fair enough – any idea on the widget though?


    That smiley is showing on my screen now – on the index page too!

    Any ideas?


    OK – excuse the frequent updates but I’ve just found that the smiley is from the WordPress stats plug-in. Have disabled it but still have the widgets appearing at the bottom of posts so it wasn’t that.


    Any ideas…? This is preventing me from working on this project.


    I compared your css to standard css and couldn’t find any difference – the only difference I noticed is that your “Recent Posts” are listed with two symbols. As you can see here in this demo: there should be only one list symbol per item.

    Maybe that’s the reason.

    The Dude


    That’s kind of frustrating. I don’t see how it’s recent posts though – it happens with any widget. Unless you’ve got any other ideas I suppose I’m going to have to re-install?


    Yes I think this is the best way to solve your problem. Backup your themes directory, delete it on the server and upload a fresh copy of your theme.

    The Dude


    Right, I’ve narrowed it down to messing around with single.php to remove the “about the author” info box – which I don’t want.

    If I remove this:

    <div class=’entry’ id=”author-box”>

    <div class=”gravatar”>


    $author_email = get_the_author_email();

    echo get_avatar( $author_email, $size = ’60’);




    <div class=”author-info”>

    <h3><?php _e(‘About the author’,’newscast’); ?></h3>


    $description = get_the_author_description();

    if($description != ”)


    echo $description;




    _e(‘The author didnt add any Information to his profile yet’,’newscast’);



    It all goes horribly wrong… but if I remove the two </div> left behind, it’s fine.

    Told you I wasn’t a coder – but at least I figured it out in the end. What do those </div> things do then?

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