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    I am using your theme choices, and have some issues. The widgets are jumping around to another widget area. It happens by itself even though dont login for a while.



    Can you give us a link to your website?




    Yes, the link is


    Did you try to deactivate the SuperCache plugin? Maybe it uses a cron job to cache the website content and for some reasons it also changes the widget order (which depends on the widget id).


    The supercahce plugin is not activated.


    Hi pfriberg,

    I checked your site and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think the widgets look fine.




    The problem is that there are still widgets visible, but wrong widgets on wrong pages. I noticed the problem several times on installations with Choices. First they are fine, but suddenly on the next login to my admin the have jumped to another page which they not belong to. And some miss widgets completely. Something is seriously wrong.



    Can you explain to us and direct on pages where there are misplaced or missing widgets?




    Actually all the widgets has jumped to other pages. It looks like they all jump 1 step down or something in the widget admin page to the next widget sidebar area.


    Hi pfriberg,

    Your site does still have WP-Super-Cache active. You can see it in the source of the site in the following lines:

    <!-- Dynamic page generated in 4.517 seconds. -->
    <!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2013-01-25 15:09:00 -->

    First I would recommend disabling that.

    WordPress can be a bit sensitive when you delete widget areas as well. If you’ve ever removed a widget area that came before others, it could have messed up all of the widget names as they would no longer be applying to the pages they say they are.

    You could try deleting all of your created widget areas and then re-making them.




    My site does something similar. Look at the techniques page

    Obviously I did not put that widget of the man with eye glass at the bottom.

    It just moved there once. I remember it happened after I changed a heading from size 3 to 1.

    There have been a number of other spooky polterwidget happenings.

    Any idea why? I don’t have the plug in you refer to throughout this thread.


    Hi cpwilson2,

    Its a bit hard to diagnose something like that. Widget areas with wordpress are a bit sensitive so if you had at one time deleted a widget area from the middle of the widget area list (a sidebar) the set up may have fixed itself at some other random time.

    If you can get a set process to replicate an error then we can try and find out what is going on further, otherwise really no ideas.




    OK thanks for the reply Devin

    It happens quite often actually. To fix it I have had to delete them and redo. I have been through this chore a few times.

    My uneducated guess is that WP widgets are as you say sensitive, and this sensitivity is quadrupled my the ‘widget logic’ plug in (which I need with it being a bi lingual site).

    Best wishes



    Very strange. If you can ever get it to the point where its predictable that a widget gets removed or changes areas after a certain action let us know. Then we can try and duplicate the issue.

    I’ve not heard of something like that with widget logic before and just using the conditional statements it shouldn’t really that but I’ve seen stranger things.




    Hello there, I encountered the same problem… I now removed wp super chache (including entries within .htacess etc.) and everything seems to be fine now;) Gonna try wp total cache – maybe that will work:)

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