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    Hi, I’ve a problem to widget columns in the footer.

    When I insert some customize or default widget in a footer column, it is not top aligned to the other widget columns.

    For example, it happens using the “Theme Latest Portfolio” Widget, and so to using a customize menu widget.

    This in an image:

    Any suggestion?!

    Thanks in advance, Glhu.




    seems like the margin-top value is different. Can you post a link to your website please? I’d like to investigate the css code with the dev console.

    Best regards,



    Hi and thanks for your reply.

    I’m sorry but I’m working in localhost and I cannot upload, now, the site.

    If it can help you to give me a help, it’s easy to verify. It’s sufficient to do the following test:

    – In wordpress, on the control panel of the theme coherence, set up 4 columns in the footer ;

    – In wordpress, on the panel widgets, give to each of the four footer a different widget: that some are placed higher, while high lower (almost certainly the widget with “custom menu” are positioned uppermost).

    Thanks in advance,




    I tested this on my end and widgets are top aligned correctly. It will be helpful if you can give us a link or screenshot.




    Thank you again for your answer :-)

    I add link of screenshots of the template as I downloaded it, where I only changed the footer.




    Also, the template you downloaded, without having made ​​any changes, it has this error: the sidebar appears at the bottom rather than the side.



    Thanks you again.




    Hi Glhu,

    My guess is there is an issue with how the grid is getting generated/output on your local host. If you can put the site live onto a testing server that may fix it, but if not we can then inspect it further.




    Hello Devin.

    The problem also occurs online, and I’m sure why this morning I finally tested on an address that will host the project, and that I can not make public for confidentiality agreements agreed with the customer, until the project was not approved.

    To be of help to others who have this same problem, I report here the solution. Should be included in custom.css theme of the following style:

    . widget_nav_menu {

         padding: 30px 0;


    You did not answer me about the theme pages with sidebar that is displayed incorrectly. Here’s what I am referring: (go to “teplate file” / Page: Sidebar Right).

    I downloaded the theme and there’s the same problem when I import Dummy Data, both in “Page: Sidebar Left” or as “Page: Sidebar Right”. I tried it locally on multiple computers without making changes and this error always occurs.

    Thank you for the time you gave me.




    Hi Glhu,

    I understand that it doesn’t work correctly in the demo, but I have no issues with it on a live installation. Are you using version 1.3 of the theme files?

    The sidebar left/right layouts can be set by the meta box Layouts on the invdividual page so try re-setting it for that page if it isn’t working correctly.

    You can also create a new dynamic template and set the sidebar position on that, then try and apply it to the page you want to have the left/right sidebar.




    Yes, you’re right! After resetting the type of sidebar pages “Page: Sidebar Right” and “Page: Sidebar Left”, everything works perfectly. ;-)

    Thanks and Regards.


    Kriesi did the same in the demo so it should be fixed there now as well :)

    Glad it worked on your end too!



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