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    Hi guys,
    I just purchased Shoutbox for a magazine. I currently have the blog on the frontpage and have added a ‘page’ with some content displayed above it (I added a ‘Post/Page with content’ above the blog in Shoutobx’s Frontpage template).
    Now I’ve been trying to keep the format from the blog (600 px for the blog + 200 px or so, for the ads or link to the right-hand side) and I want add a “Shoutbox big advertizing area” next to it -as a right sidebar.

    I’ve tried adding the widget to the page itself, but it doesn’t show up.
    Also tried adding it to “Everywhere” but it didn’t work either.
    I then replaced the ‘Page’ with a ‘Post’, tagged it with a category and selected a category where the widget would be displayed in the sidebar, but that didn’t work either.
    I then came across this message from Dude (#49234 from Sept. 2011).
    As far as I know the template builder sidebar doesn’t support specific widget areas yet. You can use use the standard index/blog template (it will be applied to the page you choose as blog page (Shoutbox option panel > Theme Options > “And where do you want to display the News Overview?”) if you’d like to control the blog widget area. from this post (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -front-page-not-populated/
    So now I am kind of doubtful as to if it is possible or not and if Kriesi might have worked something out since.
    I did try adding columns on that page (2/3 | 1/3) as seen now on the page, but the space in between the columns is a little larger than the space I want and I have difficulties adjusting the height to the image to the left.
    Is there any way around this other than what I have done with the colum spacing?
    Looking forward to your help ;)


    Hey unplug!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Shoutbox theme options under Styling tab

    .one_third { margin-left: 2%; width: 32%; }

    Shoutbox is currently a 3 years old theme and unfortunately not as flexible and powerful as Kriesi’s latest WordPress theme Enfold. If you would think of changing your theme, we definitely recommend Enfold

    Best regards,


    thanks a lot Yigit, worked out perfectly. I have purchased Enfold also, but I am using Shoutbox for something else right now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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