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    My site is

    1. Widget font size. Is there a way to adjust the widget font size? For example, I added a “Latest Sermons” widget to the sidebar (using the portfoliobox widget), but the font is smaller than the rest of the sidebar fonts. And in the footer, I added the text widget, but the font is larger than the rest of the footer text. Is there a way to adjust the font for each widget, whether in the sidebar or footer?

    2. Sermon RSS widget. Does not seem to be updating with my latest sermons, even after deleting and reinstalling – not quite sure what the issue is. Also, I cannot seem to get any of the RSS/podcast apps on my Android/iOS devices to find a single file after subscribing to our RSS. The feed address seems to be valid, but each time it says that there are no files/podcasts. Any ideas?

    3. Google maps widget. When I click the red pointer within the map, my address comes up but it is in a near white font and is unreadable. Is there a way to change the font color for the info bubble content? I would like the address to be visible either within, or below the widget.

    4. Sermon categories. These work great – I use the categories to identify the pastor, am/pm, etc. But then it also adds “/ by dpeezie” which is my username (I believe this is because I am the “author”). Is there a way to get rid of this part (each sermon posting will be by me – it doesn’t add anything helpful).

    5. Events. When I click on the “Events List” button on the events page, the “Previous Events” link is on top of the “No upcoming events” text. Is there a way to fix this, or would it self correct if there were events posted?


    And thanks in advance – the site is looking great; our church is amazed that a total novice could generate a site in a few weeks. Your support has been great.


    Hi dpeezie,

    1) Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #footer .widget_archive li a,
    #footer .widget_categories li a,
    #footer .widget_pages li a,
    #footer .widget_links li a,
    #footer .widget_meta li a,
    #footer .widget_nav_menu li a,
    .widget_rss li {
    font-size: 13px;

    That will standardize them all to 13px which is what the regular body text is set to. You could also do the opposite and change the footer text to 11px which is what the all is right now:

    #footer .widget p {
    font-szie: 11px;

    2) The RSS feed isn’t set up to provide podcast information. You would need a separate specific plugin for outputing podcast data since itunes requires specific data to recognize podcasts.

    3) Try adding this css:

    .gm-style .gm-style-iw, .gm-style .gm-style-iw a, .gm-style .gm-style-iw span, .gm-style .gm-style-iw label, .gm-style .gm-style-iw div {
    color: #333;

    4) You can remove them with:

    .blog-author.minor-meta {
    display: none;
    } {
    display: none;

    5) Yes it should adjust once there is data there. But you can use this to fix it for now:

    #tribe-events-loop {
    margin-bottom: 20px;




    I have dealt with issue 2 by using Feedburner.

    Your code fixed issues 3 and 5.

    On issue 1, I was not able to get the text widget font in the footer to be 11px (which would be great), but I was able to make the rest of the footer font 13px, which is fine because it all matches. But I still have a Latest Sermons widget in the sidebar that is 11px that needs to be 13px to match the rest of the sidebar text – can you please provide code for that?

    On issue 4, the code worked to get rid of the author reference. Is it also possible to change the “in” [category] to “by” [category], since my first category will always be the pastor’s name?

    Thanks again. I am down to the final nits, thanks to your help!



    Please add this code to increase font-size in Latest Sermons to 13px

    #top .news-wrap li { font-size: 13px; }

    In your theme directory please go to Incarnation > Includes and open loop-index.php file and find following code in line 118

    echo '<span class="blog-categories minor-meta">'.__('in','avia_framework')." ";

    and change it to

    echo '<span class="blog-categories minor-meta">'.__('by','avia_framework')." ";




    The first change worked as is. The second change to the loop-index file didn’t do it, but a similar change to the loop-sermon file did, so we’re all good here.


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