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    Hi there,

    I create a new topic because I have tried to create a gallery thanks to NextGen Gallery & Next Gen Gallery Smooth plugins.

    I succeeded in creating my gallery and placing it online. By the way, the code I had copy in my post is [smooth=id:YYY;].

    But, as we can see here : , a long text “function start Gallery…” showed up in my slidebar and on my post (middle of the page).

    So, can I fix that problem or is Newscast incompatible with NextGen Gallery Smooth ?

    Thanks in advance guys :)




    I think the nextgen gallery extension doesn’t work well with Newscast but the nextgen gallery plugin does. On the nextgen gallery option page go to the “Gallery” tab and select “thumbnails” instead of “slideshow” and deactivate “use slideshow” checkbox and ajax navigation. In the “Effect” option tab use the custom effect option and enter following code in the textbox below:


    The output will be a gallery with small thumbnails – the images will open in the prettyphoto lightbox.


    Hi Dude,

    I tried what you proposed but unfortunately the corners of the prettyphoto lightbox don’t like as it should be.

    So, how can I put the previous settings back please? I mean, I have already and properly delete NextGen, but the “effect” is still here.

    Have a look :

    And more generally, what is, for you, the best plugin to create a gallery please?





    the lightbox displays fine for me here? I can recommend Nextegen gallery (I love the plugin). Some extensions (flash gallery, etc.) often cause js errors because they load a lot of unnecessary stuff in the background but the standard gallery with small thumbs and the lightbox effect works great. I use it on many websites because it’s more user friendly and feature rich than the standard gallery function. Another popular plugin is: – however I never used or tested it.


    Ok…so don’t know why but today there is no problem anymore…Sorry about that Dude.

    And thanks for the recommendations.


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Excuse me again Dude, but I have a last question please.

    I didn’t want to polluate your forum with another topic for that.

    I would like to post only 7 post on my frontpage. So I managed to only post 3 big articles, but I don’t know how to set the small articles number.

    Could you tell where is hidden this function please?

    Excuse me again for this post quiet away from the initial question.





    you can adjust the number of posts per page under Settings > Reading in your wp admin panel. The difference between “number of posts per page” and “fullsize entries” will control how many posts appear in “halfsize” style.


    Thanks Dude



    Glad Dude could help you :)

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