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    I just noticed the h1.main-title links to it’s own page. So if you’re on the headline of the page links to

    I’m about to strip this functionality out as it’s seems counterintuitive and from what I read can even cause problems with google site indexing. Before I do this, I’m just curious why the author added this functionality to Choices. Why put a link in the headline?


    Hey dlibert,

    I can’t speak for Kriesi but if its something you don’t want, feel free to remove it.




    I was actually trying to learn something. I figured it was put in for a reason and I’d like to know why. Is it SEO? Good practice? Some other secret I’m not aware of?

    Removing it isn’t a big deal, I’ve already edited a lot of the php, but that was not my question.


    I’ll tag Kriesi to see if he had a specific reason for it. I suspect it was to ensure that if a title was included as part of a template or loop it would always be able to refer back to its page but again, I can’t say one way or another for sure.




    Not really that important. I mainly used it to be consistent across the theme since on Blog posts for example if you click on Blog you return to the Blog overview page. Its also an easy way for visitors to retrive the actual permalink of a site, since sometimes if users/scripts etc link to your site they append unnecessary parameters…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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