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    if u load this link u can see what I mean, I made a table in word and inserted it in the page and text is ok on the left side but right is down like 6 lines and the text is not lining up


    I imagine it is because your table width is set at 696px – Try changing the width to 600px (view the code in your “text” tab – top right of your text editor) OR change the page template to “Full Page” i.e display it with no sidebar.


    Will try now Thank you loudcow :)


    Ok its fixed half of my problem thank you but I still need the text

    ADVANCED TREES & SHRUBS. 30cm & 33cm

    Acacia Green Mist 30cm

    Acacia howittii 33cm

    Acmena Allyn Magic 30cm

    in line with the


    Abelia Grandiflora Dwarf 14cm

    Abelia Grandiflora 14cm

    when I made the word doc all was



    Not sure what you wanted to say – your post has cut off:) But I presume you want the table to look like this -

    (hosted on WPengine) />

    You must have some stray code screwing with something there – the table is valid html from what I can see. Check the text tab again to have a look at the code and get rid of any stray shortcodes you might have there.


    thank you again. your a champ,


    I Gave up on using work so installed a table plugin called table press but I want to put a break and separate the table like straight down the middle any I dear’s?


    Have you read that plugin’s FAQs – – They will instruct you on how to get the desired style. NOTE: The theme has awesome table shortcodes you could easily use – super easy and built into the theme. Advice would be to use this – not a 3rd party plugin OR code up your own table here – and insert the code into the ‘text’ tab field.

    Less plugins the better.


    Hi bekhike,

    As mentioned above if you are using a table that has a fixed width it will need to have new custom css added to the custom.css file of your theme files to change its layout on tablets and mobile devices.

    A plugin or using the theme’s table shrotcode is your best route if you aren’t comfortable with creating new css and working with media queries.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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