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    Please look at:

    Specifically at the images below “latest products” They are uneven, why? And then click on the “Grey” shirt. Why does it have a black background in that page? I do not want the background to be there..



    ..And if they are displaying uneven because it doesnt have the right dimensions, what are the right dimensions?

    Thanks again


    Hello again,

    I have figured out why it was uneven;however, i still cant find a reason for the black background. The image background would show up transparent on the front page (home) but one i click on a item, the background becomes black.. Any clue on how would i make the image transparent?



    Hi Ajb,

    Not sure what could be causing that. The link shows a coming soon page now so I can’t actually view it. I would recommend putting items on a solid color background instead of a transparent png however just so you can always be sure what they will look like. Transparency has a habit of being a little unpredictable when you get into testing for IE.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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