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    i arranged that the portfolio details are shown on a single page after clicking on the thumbnails on the frontpage. under the portfolio details are thumbs shown of related entries. is there a way to show the thumbs of the whole portfolio there like on the frontpage? thank you very much for the support!





    mambo-mayer, it seems like you’ve taken care of the issue. Did you solve it?

    brobins, can you link me to your site? Your name links to a site using the Display theme.

    In your theme options you can select how many posts you want to show in your portfolio – all that has to be done is hide/remove the related part but I’d like to be sure I give you the correct instructions.

    Best regards,




    Sure, The plan is to change to Angular properly once I have made the necessary changes / tweaks to it.

    For me, I would just like to change the title of ‘Related Entries’ to ‘Recent Projects’ if possible.

    Many Thanks,


    Open up includes/related-portfolio-posts.php and replace “Related Entries” with any other text of your choice.



    i tried changing the text according to the instructions above and it now says

    $output .= avia_advanced_hr(__(‘Mer om oss på Tradition’,’avia_framework’));

    $output .= “<div class =’twelve units related-portfolio’>”;

    $output .= “<div class=’content_slider autoslide_false’>”;

    in the related portfolio posts. But nothing changed in my theme. What could I have done wrong?




    Hi Anna,

    Make sure you have saved the file on your server and are seeing your changes live. If you are using any kind of cacheing plugin, disable it just to be sure it isn’t serving an old version of the file.




    Hi Devin,

    I can’t seem to make this happen. I’ve tried resaving the file several times and clearing cache. Any other suggestions?




    Hey Anna,

    Are you trying to change it for the normal posts as well? If that is the case, you’ll also need to change the same thing in includes>related-posts.php. I believe those are the only to places where Related Posts HR are created in all of the theme files.




    worked for me. Thanks!


    Great! Glad that worked :)



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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