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    Hi guys. Please could you advise on the following issue re Angular. When navigating around most other websites, and going from one page to another, the transition between pages is usually very smooth. In other words the top menu, which is the same for every page, simply stays in place, and the content below changes imperceptibly.

    However, with Angular we are finding that going from one page to another the whole page “refreshes” i.e. the old page disappears completely, for a moment, before the new page is displayed.

    There is one exception – on Firefox it is a smooth transition when changing pages, and the menu stays in place. On IE, Chrome and Safari, there is this strange issue with the entire page refreshing. Is there anything which could be done? As it does detract somewhat from an otherwise spectacular theme. Best wishes



    The theme doesn’t use ajax to load the standard page/text content. There’s no easy way to make the page initialisation “smoothly”.




    Hi, thanks for the reply, but I don’t quite understand it. What’s the reason the page initialisation isn’t smooth on this theme? You are saying the theme does NOT use Ajax for standard pages. Is there another reason the theme behaves in this untypical manner?

    Best wishes


    OK, managed to fix it on IE with the following tags inserted into header.php ;

    <meta http-equiv=”Page-Enter” content=”blendTrans(Duration=0)”>

    <meta http-equiv=”Page-Exit” content=”blendTrans(Duration=0)”>

    Still need a solution for Chrome – anyone from the theme team can help with this, please ?


    Hey! I am sorry I dont know how one would solve this “issue”. Probably the best bet would be to use a caching plugin to speed up serving the pages to the customer…

    I am using for and love it :)


    Thanks for the tip, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick on Chrome (version 17). FF and IE OK. Basically, I am getting half a second black screen when changing between pages – the live site url I sent you via email 22/3/12 approx 0755. Any other ideas? Chrome is a popular choice with our target audience, and we just want to make sure they get the smoothest and best possible experience of the site! Cheers


    I checked it and I can see what you mean, although for me its really just a black flash hat last a few millisceonds, just long enough to be noticed.

    you might want to try this to optimize performance: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -flush/


    Hi, thanks for this. Not sure if I implemented correctly, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to help. I inserted




    at the very end of header.php.

    Anyway, I did some further testing with some world-class sites like Amazon and BBC. On some page transitions there is the same “issue”. But the difference with these other sites is perhaps the colour of the background during transition, which is white, and so much nicer to the eye. Would there be a way of tweaking Angular so that the background is white during this transition?


    Hi Jonty66,

    You can give this a try and see if it gives you the desired result:

    html.html_stretched, html {
    background-color: #fff !important;


    Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didn’t work (inserted into custom.css). I think we may be getting close, though. I’ve tried myself to set the background, but am not familiar with the css hierarchy etc. If someone could have another look it would certainly enhance the theme if we can crack this. Cheers


    Hi Jonty66,

    I think anything further I would actually need to take a look at the site live to determine exactly what has been changed and what needs to be added to get the final effect.


    Sure, I emailed the url to Kriesi via the contact form yesterday 22/3/12 approx 0755 GMT. Happy to email again to another address if you provide. The “black flash” effect I experience with my site on Chrome is similar to what I experience with the theme demo site, but I agree it will be better if you look at my site. Thanks


    You can send the link to DevinVinson(at) Please include a link to this thread or my mailbox will auto junk it :)


    OK – email sent. Thanks


    Hey Jonty66,

    I don’t see the effect you’re describing on testing using Chrome 17.0.963.83. It could be my page load/internet speed is too fast to see the issue but looking through the css and everything I’m not sure what else I could offer as a fix.




    Hi Devin

    Thanks for coming back. For whatever reason, the “problem” has gone away!

    Great theme, its getting some good feedback from people I’m working with.




    Glad it’s fixed.



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