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    Hi, I bought propulsion but haven’t been able to get it working with woocommerce. Everytime both are activated I just get the dreaded white screen. Both work fine individually its just when they are both activated I get the problem.

    I’m using the most recent wordpress, propulsion and woocommerce but have also tried earlier versions, all resulting in the same thing.

    I’m a complete newb to this so have trawled through wordpress support forums but could only find one solution that I thought would resolve the problem, increasing the php memory to 128mb but this hasn’t helped either. Are there other setting I should be checking out?


    You can try to activate the WP-DEBUG mode:

    Make sure that your hoster does not limit the php memory to eg 32 or 64mb (i.e. check the memory value on the Woocommerce status page (WooCommerce > System Status)).


    Thanks Dude,

    It’s supposedly already been increased to 128MB. My .htaccess file reads php_value memory_limit 128M but when I checked out what you said, woocommerce system status is stating the memory limit is only 32mb.

    I’ll need to look in to this


    Hi derekscambler,

    Check with your server host and see if they have any server placed limits. I believe generally, hosts that do this lock wordpress installs down to 32mb because it was the minimum amount able to run a wordpress install.




    Managed to resolve it. It was a memory issue and was able to manually change the php settings within my parallels plesk panel.

    Thanks for everyones help


    Glad to hear it :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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