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    i want to edit the template and modify the slideshow image code on which is used on the index page, single pages and archive.

    google pagespeed says i should specify image dimensions. But i cant finde the file to custimize the image code.

    <div class="autoslide_false autoslidedelay__5 slideshow_page default slideshow_container">
    <ul class="slideshow" style="height: 200px; width: 620px;">
    <li class="featured featured_container1 imageslide" style="display: block;">
    <a href="">
    <img src="..." title="manuel dark" alt="Manuel Dark" />
    <span class="slideshow_overlay"></span><span class="slideshow_caption" style="display: block; opacity: 0.8;">Manuel Dark</span></div>

    i also want to clean up the code a little bit. for example i dont need any subtitles, thus i want to delete the

    <span class="slideshow_overlay"></span>

    part in the code. can you help me to find the correct php files. am i right, that the files are some of the avia includes?





    Open includes > helper-slidershow.php, find this code

    function slideshow_thumbs()
    global $avia_config;
    $set_size = $output = "";
    $thumbsize = 'widget';
    $first = 'active_item';
    //if we got a size array set the size of the slideshow
    $width = $avia_config['imgSize'][$thumbsize]['width'];
    $height = $avia_config['imgSize'][$thumbsize]['height'];

    if($width < 1000 && $height < 1000)
    $set_size = " style='height: ".$height."px; width: ".$width."px;'";

    $counter = 1;

    if($this->slidecount >= 2)
    $output = "<ul class='thumbnails_container'>";

    foreach($this->slides as $slide)
    if($slide['slideshow_image'] != "")
    ### render an image ###

    //get the image by passing the attachment id.
    $image = avia_image_by_id($slide['slideshow_image'],$thumbsize);

    //if we didnt get a valid image from the above function set it directly
    if(!$image) $image = "<span class='empty_image'></span>";

    $output .= "<li class='slideThumb slideThumb".$counter++." $first' $set_size >";

    $output .= $image;

    $output .= "<span class='slideThumbTitle'>n";
    $output .= "<strong class='slideThumbHeading rounded'>".$slide['slideshow_caption_title']."</strong>n";
    $output .= "</span>n";
    $output .= "</li>";
    $first = "";

    $output .= "</ul>";

    return $output;




    OK thx i have found this file and the code. but i cant find this:

    <span class=”slideshow_overlay”></span><span class=”slideshow_caption” style=”display: block; opacity: 0.8;”>Manuel Dark</span>

    inside the code

    the class “slideshow_overlay” is later used in the helper-slideshow.php to for a <div> element. my site uses a <span> thus this isnt the correct code i think.



    Open js > avia-fade-slider.js, find this code

    clicked_item.find('img, canvas, .slideshow_overlay, .'+data.options.captionClass).stop().fadeOut();

    Replace it with:

    clicked_item.find('img, canvas, .'+data.options.captionClass).stop().fadeOut();

    and this code

    currentslide.addClass(classname).append('<span class="slideshow_overlay"></span>');

    Replace it with:





    Ok thanks a lot if found the solution in this file:

    if(data.options.appendCaption) methods.appendCaption.apply( this );

    data.allcaptions = this.find(‘.’+data.options.captionClass).css({display:’none’});

    //methods.showCaption.apply( this );


    just deleted methods.showCaption.apply( this );



    Glad you found it. :)



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