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    I am going to create a table that organizes all of the portfolio items so that people can search and rearrange the list by ordering the “Portfolio Meta Information” collected for the portfolio pages.

    Where in the database is this portfolio meta information stored, is it stored in a table, or is it attached to each individual portfolio item. Please let me know how/where this is stored so that I can begin building a page that will display all of the meta information collected in all of the portfolios.

    Thank you!


    Hi InterdisciplinaryInnovation,

    I’m not sure which table its in, but its either in avia_options_angular_dynamic_pages, avia_options_angular_dynamic_elements or the overall options table avia_options_angular.

    From a description from Kriesi a while ago:

    The options table of wordpress:
    "avia_options_angular_dynamic_pages" (defines the pages)
    "avia_options_angular_dynamic_elements" (defines the elements for those pages)
    all other options like theme colors etc are stored in "avia_options_angular"



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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