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    I just bought the Angular theme, but was surprised to find that there aren’t really any complete PSD files. Do you have these? The one i have that is the “light” theme doesn’t even show the footer. Am i looking in the wrong place, or is this an incomplete zip file i downloaded?





    There’s no complete psd file. angular_light.psd contains a theme page without footer/socket area.

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    Then i don’t understand why you listed Layered PSD File in your file contents. This theme is great, but I don’t use WordPress, and need to modify the look of things before i can start developing this for my client. How am I suppose to replicate all the pages without the PSDs? I’m sure you must have a pretty well detailed PSD file. Are you not willing to share it even though you listed it as part of the package contents?

    Don’t mean to be a pest, but its kind of pointless for me to spend $35 on a theme i thought i could modify without having to use WP to do it for me. I’d appreciate any help.




    I’ll ask Kriesi if he can provide one. Angular is sold as wordpress theme (and not as psd item) and I’m not sure if he can provide it. “Layered PSD” doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains a fully layered/designed page template but it just means that you get the source files for the graphics.


    I appreciate it. I’ve bought many themes over the years with Envato, and I specifically look for Layered PSD for this very reason. I’ve never had any issues before with at least finding the homepage mockup, with one or two interior pages. I would think that’s pretty customary, espeacially considering there are plenty of themes out that don’t provide the PSDs and they don’t list that its part of the package either. Just saying, its a bit confusing saying you’ll provide a PSD, but that it may not be complete. Kind of no point to even provide it if that’s the case.


    Thanks again for checking on that, and for your quick response.



    As was already described the 12 sliced up psd files that come with the theme are all I got, I am sorry to disapoint you :(

    I usually only do a rough mockup of my themes in photoshop (as seen in the angular_light file) and then start coding, adding details while I am doing that.

    Unfortunately themeforest doesnt allow to set something other than yes or no, and I think providing 12 sliced up psd that are necessary for modifications and no 100% complete version is closer to a “yes” than to a “no” :)

    I hope you can work with the theme nevertheless, sorry for not being able to help here :/


    Thanks for the reply.

    I agree that TF should have a few more categories available, but i’d say its very much on the fence of being a yes than a no for completeness. Sure, if there was at least a homepage version, then yes, i’d agree with that, but you don’t even have a footer in your PSD.

    And yes, i can work with the theme and pull out the code i need, but that doesn’t help me in any regards to design. In hindsight, i wouldn’t have spent that much money for just some code. I really admire your cleanness and your attention to detail in your design, hence my disappointment when i couldn’t’ see it all.

    Thanks for taking the time though to write back. If nothing, perhaps you can provide a bit more in your PSDs in the future, and also make an HTML (CMS agnostic) version for those of us that aren’t WP peeps.





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