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    Where is the excerpt field?

    According to the documentation:

    “Writing a Post or page doesnt really differ from doing so when using other themes. You add a title, add some content, and categories and thats about it. In Newscast you need to do 2 more things:

    Write an excerpt

    Set a previe Picture

    Both is really easy. When writing a post and scrolling down the textarea you will notice a textarea labeled excerpt. this is what is used to controll the small excerpt when you look at posts on your mainpage or other overwiev pages with more than one post. If you dont fill in an excerpt wordpress will take the content you added to the basic content area and cut it off after a few sentences.”

    I can not find any “Excerpt” field anywhere Is something wrong with the specific download I got maybe?

    Also I can not get a you-tube video into the post at all other than hard-coding the full embed code into the post’s html but then it won’t go into the lightbox. I have tried every way I can think of and see.


    Any chance of getting an answer?


    At the top of the post writing screen, see the button labeled Screen Options? Click on that and you will see an unchecked box for Excerpts. When you click that on, the Excerpt entry field appears on the content creation screen. HTH

    a fellow Newscaster…


    dont mean to hijack your threads but how do you set the preview pic?

    Looked into your issue, Im a total newb but I think I understand what your after. Your looking for the excerpt field?

    Go to “Add New Post” or “Edit Post” Then in the upper right hand corner is a “Screen Options” drop down that will really drop up. Click the box that says “excerpt” then this field will be usable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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