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    Hi, we have set up a page using the template “post timeline”. This should be our blog page. After clicking on one of the article titles in this timeline I am lead to the single article view. Here the “Page Title”(?) says “Blog Letzten Neuigkeiten”. Where is this Title defined? Where can I change it?

    Thanks Bernhard


    Now I wonder if I am doing this the right way?! How would you setup the default blog of the site? I created a page, selected this page in the WP settings as being the blog page, gave it a menu item in menu manager.

    Now I changed this page to use the template post timeline and it works.

    As described above clicking on one of the post titels in the timeline leads me to the single article view but the title of the page showing this article is “Blog Letzten Neuigkeiten”.

    Pulling my hair out finding where this is defined. Must be easy but I am probably blind. ;-)


    Found it in the lang files. Thanks anyway, Bernhard


    Hi hiegl,

    Sorry for the late response. Anyway, Glad that you have resolved it. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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