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    Hello there, we have 2 big problem and need fix for that

    1. Where is Single.php?

    I want to edit my single post php file but i dont see the file on the theme folder.

    I edited loop-index.php but the change is always showwing my homepage.

    Here is home page : (i dont want change here)

    Here is example post : (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -giveway/ (i want to change)

    2. How can i use one image fixed on the portfolio page?

    So, I want to create a portfolio page for example : but my first item thumbnail not fix like Brightbox demo. How can i fixed the thumbnail on the portfolio page?

    I want add 635×200 and seeing portfolio page the image fixed 300×170 .Is it possible to like your demo?

    Thanks for help.



    1) To make this happen you can change the following in single.php

    get_template_part( 'includes/loop', 'index' );

    change ‘index’ to whatever you prefer. Now duplicate loop-index.php and name it loop-WHATEVER YOU CHANGED INDEX TO.php, you can then edit this file to only effect your single posts.

    2) I’m uncertain what you’re trying to do, can you elaborate please? Image sizes can be adjusted in the functions.php file.



    My 1. question fixed thanks for this. But 2. problem is already. So, the image size 620 px × 200 px on the how can i fixed the size 635 px × 205 px?

    I have trying function.php – style.css (custom) and wp-admin/options-media.php Thumbnail size, but this is nothing fixed 635×205. Can u help me for this?



    First modify functions.php (change the thumbnail size) and use this plugin afterwards: to regenerate the thumbnails. Otherwise your changes won’t have any effects.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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