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    Hi I just purchased this and I have no idea how to start. I just uploaded the theme and now Im not sure how to customize. Please help!


    have you read the included documentation?


    No, where do I find it? That would be great! …Also, I uploaded the logo and it has a black box around it. Any suggestions to get rid of it? It is not in the original design. Thanks for you help!


    If you extract all the files in your you’ll find a folder called “documentation”. Go in that folder and double click on the index.html file. There’s your help file :) Make sure you have WordPress 3.1 installed and read install instructions. Hope that helps some.


    Ok thank you for sending me that information. One thing I can not figure out is when I click on “home” it redirects me to your website. How do I change that? When I go into my Pages I don’t see the same ones that I have now.

    I went into the menu editer and deleted a bunch because I just need a 4 page website. I now have Home, About Us, Services, and Contact

    Where do I edit these pages as they are not showing up under “Pages”

    Thanks again!


    You need to go under ‘appearances’ ‘menu’ and create a menu there. You need to select that menu for your theme on the left. Then you need to re-add the links you want including a custom link to your own home page and save it.

    I’m getting the border around the logo too if I try to upload but if I just overwrite the logo.png with my own from ftp it works fine.


    Nevermind I figured it out! …One thing I can’t figure out though is there is a black line around the logo on my page. How do I change this?


    Oops I didn’t see your last post before I put mine up…where should I upload the logo in the ftp? I’m goign to try to figure out the other stuff you posted next!


    The path to the logo is in either images/skin1 or images/skin2 1 is for light skin, 2 is for dark skin, just replace appropriately


    Ok, I’ll give it a try! …On the main page also I am having the same issue with the image I put in the content slider at the bottom of the page. Any suggestions to get rid of the black line around that photo?


    I think we’ll have to wait for the man on that one…I’m still getting the black outline unless I overwrite logo.png and upload via ftp.


    I tried uploading a file I called “logo.png” and put it in the right place but when I go to chose the logo under the Broadscope section I don’t see it as an option for a file. ..I”m a little lost as to how to do what you are doing. I’m getting a black line under both the sliding pictures on the home page too. Must be some setting somewhere to change this. Thanks tonvie for your help though! We’ll see what he says!



    Hey! coul you drop me a link to your installation so I can have a look myself? :)




    the website is . that what you need?


    Hey. not sure what you mean, but I am proabbly a little late here and you already figued stuff out? your logo appears fine and the slider works just as intended when looking at it? :)


    Hey Kriesi,

    I see his problem still. There’s still an outline around his logo. I couldn’t upload my logo through the admin panel either without getting a black border too. I just overwrote your logo.png with mine via ftp as a workaround. Hope that helps :)



    Yes the logo issuer was adressed in the update and should be fixed now. Should be available within the next few hours once it gets approved by TF :)

    Best regards,


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