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  • #271627 is the website. Immediately under the slider and callout box is the 3 columns. Sermons, About us, Contact. The text under the preview image I’d like to change so I can learn/play with the product. The Contact page I was able to change the text and remove the BOX INFO code and displays my change.

    I have actually edited the Sermons page with my own text, YET it wont display on the front page, and same as the About Us. What am I missing? I have looked at the template FrontPage and do not see the sample placeholder text. I look in the respective pages, make a textual change; save it ….. preview it and no changes appear.
    Help :)
    Thanks Terry


    Hey whozitsdad!

    Please add Post/Page Content element in Template Builder and choose to “display the content of this post/page”



    I’m just trying to edit the text in those three teaser columns. Where do I edit the existing text I don’t want to add any elements yet, I want to edit what’s there on the frontpage; primarily the 3 column stuff.



    Please go to Incarnation > Template Builder > Frontpage and edit columns you have on the template



    I can’t It does not give me an option UNLESS I do direct text and I don’t want direct text. I’ll post a screenshot of what’s there and there isn’t anywhere to change the text without going direct text.



    That content is being pulled from the respective Pages (excerpt), i made a little video explaining how to change it:

    Best regards,


    You can see there isn’t a place to edit the text.


    Josue, excellent and thanks. However, the excerpt option and actually several options in the PAGE does not show for me. I do not have the option to change Excerpt.


    Well this. Screen Options. Found where to check to display that stuff… oh man. Sorry gents


    No problem, you are welcome, always glad to help :)


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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