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    I am looking to modify this post layout to remove the left side with the date/comments number and author and move it above the post title but I can t figure out where the layout is in the files. Could you point me to it? Is it the same place that has the “Related posts” call because I would like to be able to tweak that too


    Ok I also found the solution here too.

    The file I was looking for is called by single.php and is includes/loop-index.php

    I moved the <meta info> code inside the <div class=”entry-content”> and change that element to be 600px instead of 450px. That way I gain the left side column space on long posts.


    Now the next question is tricky. I am only using the big image preview and moved the meta-info from single into entry-content.

    the part i don t get is how

    <span class="text-sep">/</span>

    is being deactivated when big image is used. see in (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -leo-ligula/ if you look at the <span class="post-meta-infos"> you will see that <span class="text-sep">/</span> is not run by the browser.

    so basically if I moved that span on top of the post and made it 600px wide, how to I make it so that it appears on one line like in (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#respond

    sorry I know this is complicated questions and I understand that you have no obligation to provide this deep customization help…but just in case you know a quick answer.


    Here is in a nutshell what I am trying to do

    Big preview

    Post Title

    Meta Info

    post content

    EDIT: I think I did it.

    I removed the .minor-meta from the meta areas of index-loop. Then I modified the css to replicate the style of that span. Looks nice actually. This would have been a great option from the start as it saves a lot of white space. Thank you for all your help so far…its fun to play and have things break until you can make it work and learn php and css at the same time :)


    Glad to see you got it to work :) Learning through trial & error is great!


    I am struggling with the same issue addressed above by Monsoon and I could really use some help. The goal: to maximize the readability of the actual text of a blog post on the single blog post page (single.php). The problem: much space is lost both in the sidebars as well as underneath the metadata, so that on the single blog post page, the blog post’s actual text is forced to reside in a relatively narrow vertical channel. This is not ideal in terms of website usability as it requires constant scrolling, and it doesn’t look as beautiful as it could.

    I tried the solution presented at (basically, creating a “Fullsize, No Sidebar” template in the Template Builder, including the “Post/Page Content” as an Element in that template, and then, when editing the blog post itself, applying that dynamic no sidebar template to the blog post). However, doing this strips the blog post of all those things which make it a blog post- that is, the blog post’s metadata disappears, the blog’s tags disappear, the blog post’s “Related Posts” disappear, and importantly, the blog post’s “Responses” area disappears, so that nobody can comment on the blog post.

    This is my fourth Kriesi theme (and my favorite) but I don’t have the CSS/PHP skills to customize a PHP page. If either or both of you would be kind enough to provide PHP code for a modified single.php PHP page, something that would allow me to display a single blog post like the one here: I would greatly appreciate it. This image shows a page which recovers the white space currently lost underneath the metadata, while at the same time preserving the blog post’s “blog content” characteristics. Essentially, you’ve got two columns, and the following content:

    LEFT COLUMN (2/3)…………..RIGHT COLUMN (1/3)

    Big preview image………………column on right, goes all the way down

    Post Title


    Post Content

    Related Posts

    Response Area

    I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. Thank you-




    could you provide us with a link to your page you’d like to modify, also please tell us which settings you’re currently using for the page. This way we know which settings you’d like to start off with .. If it is within the possibilities & doesn’t take too long we can provide you with a solution, with the current info it can become very time consuming – which isn’t within the scope of the support forum.


    Dear Chris,

    The page I am referring to is here:

    It’s the single blog post page, and it shows the full content of one single blog entry. In my Corona theme options, for the Default Blog Layout, I’m using “Big Preview Image, Right Sidebar”, but by clicking on the link above and looking at the page, I guess that will be obvious. The modification that I request your help with is the following:

    1) instead of the metadata appearing on the left, in its own column, simply span the metadata across on one single line, and place it underneath the Title of the blog post. As an illustration of this- spanning the metadata across one single line, and placing it underneath the blog post’s title- see Kriesi’s page here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    2) now use the white space on the left side that’s been cleared up- the space that previously contained the metadata- and expand all the blog’s data into that space; specifically, span the blog post’s title, metadata (all on one horizontal line) and blog post text, so that it uses the full width of the white space beneath the Big Preview image.

    That’s it. The Big Preview image spans 610 pixels across, from the left side of the page all the way up to the Right Sidebar. The change above would mean you’re making full use of the entire width of that 610 pixels of white space underneath the Big Preview image. I believe it would be just great. No other changes- the “Related Posts” and “Leave A Reply” sections on the bottom look beautiful as they are- but if for the sake of simplicity you need to modify the “Related Posts” and “Leave A Reply” sections in order to achieve the above, I trust your judgment.

    I don’t know PHP or CSS and I don’t know how much work this change would require, but I can say this- I believe this modification would greatly enhance the readability and the appearance of longer blog post entries. If you agree and if you would be willing to make this modification, or show Corona users how to make it on their own, it would be fantastic, and I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you-




    1) In your style.css {

    remove float:left; remove the width too.

    If you’d like to remove the double border you’ll get in the end you can also add border-bottom:0 !important; there..

    now also in your style.css find #top .template-blog .post-title remove the margin.

    Then, find .template-blog .entry-content { and remove the width.

    In the same file also find .minor-meta and add the piece you removed in blog-meta (the float one). Also add margin-right:15px;

    To add your meta below the title find loop-index.php in your includes folder and move everything between <!--meta info --> and it’s end UP a little, put it all right after </h1>

    In what you’ve just moved find all

    <span class='text-sep'>/</span> remove it and each occurence of spans with the class “text-sep” or ‘text-sep’ (it should be 4 of these)

    I really hope this helps as I’ve just spent a lot of time answering this :$ I might have forgotten to list one of the things I did to achieve it .. so let me know.


    For the record. I set style.css as follows.


    margin: 0 0px 0 0;

    padding: 10px 0;

    border-bottom:0 !important;



    Thanks for putting this in so others can see it :)


    Dear Chris,

    Thank you very much for this, I appreciate it very much. And thank you V2Park for pointing out the change in the “margin: 0 0px 0 0;” line in .blog-meta.

    Again, Chris, thank you so much- this was very kind of you, your taking the time to explain this. Heel erg bedankt.



    Glad that Chris could help you :)


    1. I would like to add space

    When I apply wide-width blog as like the above, the meta info doesn’t make space between Date and # of comments, and between “Comments” and “by Author”. Below link shows this case. How can I add spaces?

    2. Automatic Indenting when the content is less than a line

    If the content is less than a full line, it is indented. How can I make left aligned text and full length of separate bar?


    Any answer?



    could you link to your site in action? doensn’t load for me, if you provide a link to your site we can give very specific instructions.


    Chris, I sent you email ( (Email address hidden if logged out) ) on the instruction.


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