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    Hi all!

    Just finish my site using this template.

    Really nice template with cool features, easy to tweak and easy to understand.

    Here is what I’ve done with it:

    I added many plugins: qTranslate, custome post template, Contact Form 7, BM Custom Login, Related Posts Thumbnails, WordPress Download Monitor, WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart….

    I had some trouble with qTranslate cause Kriese didn’t do all the job :P (‘Read more’ on the front page, ‘Additional Headline’ in post and page… etc)

    Feel free to give me your thought about my work and let me know if you find any bugs…

    Thx all and Thx James Morrison for is support!


    You did a really nice work. I will take some ideas for my project.


    Excellent work! Nice customization.


    Hey there extru-d,


    I like what you did with the slider and change rates.

    The Portfolio is KILLER. Great the way you have the page change with the details instead of just a light box. I bet you put some time into that part.

    Great way to make use of the “Testimonials” feature at the bottom of the main page.

    Nice change of the logo area/size tool

    You make me wish I knew a BUNCH more about php and css.

    Kudos to you. Expert job of customization of an already awesome theme.



    Thx all for your comments :D

    @er zorro

    Take all the ideas you want, no problemo.


    For the Portfolio it was actually pretty easy. I used ‘custome post template’ plugin to creat my own page with a dedicated sidebar and then I used all the functionality Kriesi was offering with the template (Slider, Toggle, Tabs…). There is a topic which explain how to do it: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -sidebar

    Really you don’t have to know a bunch of things to do the things I’ve done… You just have to understand how Kriesi made his template and then play with all the features and functionality he gave us.


    You’ve just saved me a TON of time on a client site I have coming up for an Insurance Broker that wants his agent bios set up similar to your portfolio.

    It seems to me this would be great for featuring tutorial videos too. I have some in the works for another of my biz sites here:

    hmmmmm …. kind of wish I could clone myself 2 or 3 times :o)

    Thanks for the info.


    Hi extru-d

    Sorry but I don’t get it.

    Why do you have to have ‘custom post template’?

    You can choose in the portfolio options of the cleancut-theme to go to a single post (other than show in the lightvox).

    Isn;t that what you want to reach?

    I don’t see the advantage of using custom pos template.

    Can you explain?

    Other question I got is:

    I try to get a portfolio overview like you got with the following functions:

    1. I want to get rid of the shorten text under every image/video

    (I tryed to put a “more-tag befor the text but this doesn’t work.)

    2. If I click on the image Lightbox shows me the video or the larger image

    3. If I click on the ‘Read more” button I go to singel psot to get more Details.

    Could you give me some advise?

    Would be great!





    For getting rid of the shorten text and Read more under every image/video in portfolio try this:

    In portfolio_template.php change this

    echo “</span>”;
    echo ““.__(‘Read more’,’cleancut’).”“;
    echo “</div>”;

    for this:

    echo “</span>”;
    echo “</div>”;

    Then in WP admin under cleancut options >> portfolio options in the first section “Portfolio Image Link” mark the second radio button “Show Portfolio Single Post” for opening the post rather then the lightbox.


    Rather use this explanation by James. My code came out wrong in the posting above. Sorry for that. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -widgets-text-widgets#post-2558


    @georg > Why do you have to have ‘custom post template’?

    If you look carefully you will see that I have a custom sidebar with a custom post header (no comments, no tags…), a custom slide show… etc…

    If I was choosing in the portfolio options of the cleancut-theme to go to a single post I would have had the same kind of post template for the “blog” section and the “Portfolio” items… and if you look in my site they are not the same… the only way it’s to use ‘custom post template’

    Flow the explanation by james concerning your other questions.


    Hi extru-d,

    I am creating a site in display and would like to use the portfolio / portfolio items as e-commerce store / products like you did in your Les Creation Site.

    Would you be interested to give me a quote on helping out with my site?

    Kind regards,

    (Email address hidden if logged out)


    Basically it’s no problem to implement WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart or WP estore in CleanCut because the plugin offers shortcodes for each product..

    You just need to create a portfolio page for each item and then add the product shortcode to it. The Simple Paypal Shopping plugin will replace the shortcode with an add to cart or buy now button. As far as I know the plugin works great with CleanCut and no major adjustments are needed.

    I’ll close this thread to avoid cross posting – see: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -e-commerce

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