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    I have an errant line displaying on the newscast theme in Safari on the iPad 2. It does not show on the iPad 1, iPhone 4 or Mac Safari.

    I did customize the theme to reduce the header height by a few pixels. I thought it might be the line from the nav header items. But, I shut several lines off in the style1.css file and none of them eliminated my weird line.

    Any suggestions would help. I am auditing any customized template for unclosed tags.



    can you try to upload the original stylesheets please? If this doesn’t solve the problem I’ll report it to Kriesi. I hope he has an ipad and can reproduce the error.


    I returned the style.css, style1.css and the header.php to the original code. My problem line disappears. But, a line is still missing on the right bottom of the catnav_wrapper. I think it may be related to my issue since my problem line is very near to that div.

    This still missing line problem is visible on iPad on your live demo site as well.

    The problem appears on iPad 1 & 2 as well as in Apple’s iPad simulator that can be downloaded from their dev site.

    Would it help if I link to a screenshot of the issue?


    Here is a screen shot of the error on your demo site using the iPad2.

    The white column on the right that runs the length of the page is only visible on ipads. It breaks the footer and the catnav_wrapper. Any thoughts?


    I just purchased the newscast template and found the same line appears on my ipad 2 inside the both inside the main page animations (vertically on the left side of the images) and horizontally on all the pages about 1″ below the navigation “Tech News / Adobe / Community….” area.

    Was there a resolution to this issue?



    Hi BiggBralwer,

    I’m not sure if this was resolved or not. I’ll check in with Kriesi to see.


    Hey! I am sorry I currently got no option to test it on an ipad2 since I do not own one :/

    If the problem persists on the ipad 3 I will proabbaly be able to help within the next few weeks, since I plan to order one…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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