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    Hi, I am not a designer unfortunately, the company who originally put the site up is no longer trading. It was working fine until the last week or so and the sliders are no longer working and the menu bar has moved to the side.

    Nothing has been changed since about a month/6 weeks ago, nobody else should be able to log in apart from me.



    Hi mushroom!

    Your using Corona 1.6 it looks like. You’ll want to update to the latest version, 2.2.

    See here for udpating via FTP, (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /. The instructions are for Enfold but it’s the same for any theme.



    Hi, the tutorial refers to a zip file, which I assume is the upgrade. Where do I download the upgrade zip file from? Can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.



    Please login on ThemeForest with the account you have purchased Corona theme and go to Downloads section to download the latest version of the theme :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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