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    I am trying to transfer domain to my website to another domain. seems like is there anything i am missing here??

    Old upload here: http://tinyurl.com/7dzzbsb

    New Website i want it on here: http://tinyurl.com/czrkemn

    (When i upload wp-content folder into here it shows up as default theme. Like I never worked on it.


    Please help me with it. I think should be normal question for you. But I have no idea why its doing this.

    (I am using WebsitePanel hosting)



    Just tried Export/Import tool in WordPress… When i do import it says you already have everything imported.



    Here’s what I do when transferring a website to a new domain.

    On the old domain:

    1) Go to Tools > Export. Select “All content” then click the “Download Export File” button.

    2) Using a FTP program of your choice, download all the theme files in /wp-content/themes/coalition/ to your computer.

    New domain:

    3) Again using FTP, upload the theme files from #2 to /wp-content/themes/coalition/

    4) Be sure to install any plugins that are/were activated on your old domain

    5) Go to Appearance > Themes and activate Coalition

    6) Go to Tools > Import and select “WordPress” from the list. At this point, you may be asked to install the “importer” plugin – do ao then activate it when asked. Once that’s done, upload the file you saved from #1 above then click the Upload file and import.

    If you receive a message saying everything was already imported I would go through Pages, Posts, Portfolio, Media, etc and delete all old content (making sure click the “Empty Trash” button on Pages and Posts then try #6 again.

    If you still have problems, check your settings under Coalition > Theme Options.

    Hope this helps!




    Thank you Mya for your help. This did helped a Lot.. :-)

    One problem I am having right now is Contact from at the bottom stopped showing up.

    Here is my contact-form.php: http://pastebin.com/Qn7jvwY2

    Is there something that I am missing. Any clue on this?



    I have just tried

    copy – paste whole includes folder (wp-content/themes/coalition/includes) thinking that way may be contact form will re-appear. But nop.

    Waiting to hear from you …


    GOT IT !

    for member with same issue.

    go to > Coalition > Theme Opt. > Contact & Social Stuff > Select Contact Form Page



    Glad that you found the solution :)



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