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    first of all i would like to thank you for this amazing theme. It’s really easy to setup and organize.

    Now, this is my issue. It’s not completly related to the theme but i think that you can help me.

    As an artist i often have to travel and meet people in order to show them my work.

    Until now, i used to put all my work in my macbook pro. I was offered an iPad for my birthday and i would like to put my website offline in my IPad in case of i can’t find wifi or 3G.

    Do you know an app which could do that? Will the flashlight theme be able to support that and keep its look?

    My 2nd question is:

    In my sub-menus, I would make my gallery pages, or videos, to be wider. I’d like, at the opening of page to make the content bigger. Is this possible?




    oups and one last question:

    I would like to add an mp3 player in the main menu which could play music without cuts when i open my sub-menus. What kind of plugin do you recommand?



    1) I don’t own an i-device so I can’t recommend an app here. Basically you need a webserver app (not sure if it exists) which can host php websites

    2) You can’t add a mp3 player to the menu “which could play music without cuts when i open my sub-menus”. Because of the way the theme works the music would start over and over again when the user opens a new page/clicks on a link. You can use plugins like: and add the player to any widget area of your choice.

    3) It’s not easily possible to change the width of the elements because the layout is optimized for the current widths and changes can cause flaws/display errors. Basically you can change the content area width with following code in css/custom.css (increase all 3 values accordingly):

    .content .box {
    min-width: 430px;
    width: 430px;

    #top .sidebar2.sidebar_absolute {
    left: 712px;


    Is the widget will be open all the time?


    Can you elaborate please – I don’t understand the question?


    by the way, i’ve found the solution for the offline website.

    You just need to have “sitesucker”. It’s a wonderfull app on IOS which records everything you have on your website in order to read it offline.


    Is your question solved now? I don’t understand it either.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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