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    Hi, I want to add a creation date into the code so that google will recognise the date my website was created, and not just the date a particular page was created. Is this possible? I believe its something I could do usually in Dreamweaver but i’m new to WordPress and cant find this subject matter elsewhere.



    Yes, it is. Usually they put that on the footer. Just edit this code.

    <span class='copyright'>© <?php _e('Copyright','avia_framework'); ?> - <a href='<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>'><?php echo get_bloginfo('name');?></a><?php echo $kriesi_at_backlink; ?></span>

    You can add something like this.

    <?php echo date('Y'); ?>

    Where do you want to place yours?




    Just to clarify i’m not looking to add something like “Copyright. 2006 – 2012” in the web page.

    Instead google has no idea when my site was first created. So it was a code that is not visable on the web page but in the source code / css that im after so google / alexa knows how old my site is.


    Have you used the google Webmaster tools to verify your site with Google? That will assure they find it. I have never put in any code to identify the date a site was created. I don’t see why that is needed. Sorry.


    Actually it’s an important fact because it affects the google ranking (older websites (eg which exist since several years) are considered as more important than newer websites). However you can’t tell google when your website was created but instead google relies on domain registration data, cached data, etc. to get the age of a website. You can’t simply tell google my website is XX years old because this would be a backdoor for better ratings and blackhat seos would exploit this hack. Thus the copyright date won’t change anything…


    Hi Dude – yes thats what i was getting at. I notice in some sites they do use a code which tells google when their site was created. And yes they are always higher up the ranking consistently, generally it states about “1999” and is in the meta fields at the top of the code, which i know is a lie but their at the top of the ranking. I know its not all because of this one factor but every little thing helps.

    I have verified my site with google, but it wont provide any information on when site was created.


    Hi Dude,

    I didn’t mean it wasn’t important. I meant I never knew there was a way to put in such date. I just figured Google knows it from when the site was verified, or the Google Analytics was started. You can’t just say it was created in 1999 and they believe you. It builds up its history from when the search engines start tracking it.

    I think DGH1977 means this:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”>

    <html xmlns=””>

    That doesn’t identify when the site was started. This is just a doc type declaration. there are all sorts of doc type declarations that can be used.

    Go here to see them:

    Why specify a doctype? Because it defines which version of (X)HTML your document is actually using, and this is a critical piece of information needed by some tools processing the document.

    For example, specifying the doctype of your document allows you to use tools such as the Markup Validator to check the syntax of your (X)HTML. Such tools won’t be able to work if they do not know what kind of document you are using.

    But the most important thing is that with most families of browsers, a doctype declaration will make a lot of guessing unnecessary, and will thus trigger a “standard” rendering mode.


    No thats not what i mean..

    I need to go find an example then i’ll include a link.

    There is a way of google knowing when your site was created (and you can influence this) – not from just when it was validated / analytics.. If this was dreamweaver i’d be fine but im only just understanding wordpress.

    i’ll be back..



    Here is an example. In the source code there is this <meta name=”creation_Date” content=”04/29/2010″/>

    As far as i am aware (and i’m probably wrong – but like to be proved wrong, not told wrong) you could add whatever date you like?

    Came from site:

    I will state i’m not a web designer i just pick up what i can along the way to do my own sites so i might not understand!If th

    If this is not possible then can someone tell me how do i get google to recognise my website creation date and not just the verified / analytics date…


    take a look at this site:

    The meta tag to which you refer is one which is old and out of date and one that search engines no longer look for.



    These are awesome stuff going on here. I never knew you can modify to when is your site was created. Would like to know how to do that myself. :)




    ok great thanks for clarifying Elames .. I have noticed it being used less and less..


    You are welcome.Since I consider this forum to be a great place to learn and share, I wanted to be sure, I checked with a friend of mine who has been a web designer for over 20 years and he works for a top design agency. Here is what he told me.

    “There are a few things to keep in mind.

    1) Google has an archive that makes the internet archiver (waybackmachine) look like a handful of post-it notes that have been scribbled on. So if someone thinks they can fool Google with false information in the meta – creation_date, they would be wrong.

    IF it were this simple to establish history, black hat seos would have run away with this long ago and abused it to the point where google would have disabled the use of the meta anyway.

    2) Here is the list of metas Google admits to processing. IT is not an inclusive list, but notice that they basically don’t use any that can be

    mis-used (including meta-creation_date.

    3) For meta data google recommends using the microdata format.

    Notice there is nothing given in the descriptions that pertains to page date. Microdata dates pertain to things like events, but not page creation. The same is true of “Microformats” and “RDFa”

    The tag you included as a sample is non-standard (mixing camel case and underscores on the name and put a content date in a format that is atypical for a machine date). It makes me question any validity of the

    prescribed meta.

    Will using it hurt you…only if you try to fool Google. Will using it help you? … slim to none.”

    Best wishes all.


    Hey elames,

    Thanks for this. Really helpful. :)



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