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    Rainer Hochkoeppler

    I am undecided in choosing a theme from among Brightbox, Velvet or Enfold for our new website. It is vital that we have a) Responsiveness b) Ability to insert in the heading of any post a Slide Show (or video, when needed). What would be the most suitable Theme? Perhaps you have a better suggestion than the 3 choices I have mentioned.
    In recent posts in your support area there is talk of people losing support and/or update rights for Themes one year after purchase. Can we buy longer support and update periods?
    Do you have a partner company that does Theme Installations for your customers, based on client requirements?
    >>>P.S. We have a website running for years now under your Brightbox theme. A full success, it has made all people concerned very happy (It’s


    Hi Rainer!

    1.) I would recommend to use our Enfold theme since it suits your list of requests perfectly. In addition to that its also our most advanced theme with strong sales so we will continue to update it with features and bugfixes for a long time

    2.) Updates are provided indefinitely once a theme is purchased. As it stand the new themeforest rules say that we can only support a “default purchase” for 6 months. after that if you have any questions you would need to buy a “support pack”. Updates would still be available to you even if you are not buying such a support pack. When first buying the theme you can also chose to opt for a longer support period at a discount

    3.) We are working with for small tasks such as installation/setup etc. You can send a request here and will get notified once a freelancer from codeable is willing to do the job:

    Hope these are the answers you were looking for,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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