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    The pages for the Velvet template I am using just as short item descriptions with one photo plus a link into the shopping system. I don’t need and don’t want any of the blog-oriented stuff in the right sidebar.

    How do I eliminate the right sidebar entirely?

    I am using the minimal template.

    Thanks for your help…closing in on the end of this project.


    Please help. Still need this 5-day old request. Is it possible to remove the sidebar from all pages and posts?


    Yes – open up page.php and replace:

    <div class='template-page content'>


    <div class='template-fullwidth content'>


    $avia_config['size'] = 'page';


    $avia_config['size'] = 'featured';

    The same changes are required for single.php but replace:

    <div class='template-blog template-single-blog content'>


    <div class='template-fullwidth template-single-blog content'>


    Partially successful…the sidebar is gone, but a new area has popped up at the bottom of the page that wasn’t there before?

    What do I do to delete those links?


    The footer is configured on to have the area for SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS


    Please try to remove following line page.php & single.php:



    Thank you, that took care of the need. On to the next project!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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