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    Discovered a problem I hadn’t noticed before. Using Chrome for Mac, when I hover over one of the accordion slider featured images, a popup occurs containing the featured image with small black type for the caption. I don’t want the popup to occur!

    It only happens with Chrome. Safari and Firefox display without the popup.

    Can anything be done?



    can you post a link to yourwebsite please. I’ll try to reproduce the error. I couldn’t reproduce it with the theme demo website….


    The fledging site is at

    The places where the problem occurs are the hover for the Template for Featured Post and also Featured Fly. I don’t know why the problem is absent in the other accordion slides?

    Again, only happens in Chrome.

    Most of site content is being developed off-site, off-line. We’re actually a lot closer to launch than it looks right now. *grin*


    Interesting discovery. This problem is obviously a setting or default of Mac version Google Chrome 13.0.782.197

    It started doing the same popup photo thing with images sent in Gmail.

    So unless there is some sort of software code block of this effect possible within Newscast, I will have to live with it?


    I couldn’t reproduce this effect in the Win 7 version of Chrome. Maybe you activated a browser plugin?


    That was the problem. I am new to Chrome, tho like it a lot. There were some plugins I was testing, and one Hover Zoom is the one that was creating the effect. Sorry for the false alarm. Check plugins, check plugins, check plugins.


    Glad that Dude could help you :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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