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    I would like to show the tags of an item (which are now at the bottom) beneath the flag where the info about the author and the category

    is displayed.



    Inside the includes folder in the theme files you’ll have to open each of the format-(post type name).php files and look for:

    if(has_tag() && is_single())
    echo '<span class="blog-tags">';
    echo the_tags('<strong>'.__('Tags: ','avia_framework').'</strong><span>');
    echo '</span></span>';

    Move that if statement to inside the:

    <span class='post-meta-infos'>

    where you want the tags to appear. For example just after the author would be just after these lines:

    echo '<span class="blog-author minor-meta">'.__('by ','avia_framework');
    echo '</span>';

    You’ll have to do that for each of the post types and save the files back on the server. There may need to be some additional formatting depending on how the tags get rendered in that space since the layout wasn’t set up to support the extra data there.




    I managed to make the tags appear in the appropriate place when viewing a single item. However they don’t appear on my blog page.


    And this line makes the word tag turn bold:

    echo the_tags(‘‘.__(‘Tags: ‘,’avia_framework’).’<span>’);

    How do i remove that statement?


    You can just remove the strong tag like this:

    echo the_tags(.__('Tags: ','avia_framework').'<span>');


    Thanks, so that leaves the question on how to make them appear on my blog page.

    At this moment they only appear on a single item.


    Just ignore that last question: it works!



    Glad Devin fixed it.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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