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    We are trying to use your Replete demo Home Page as a model for our Home Page, which can be see at this link:

    On your Replete demo Home Page, we see you have a Main Slider, a “Featured Products” slider and then an “Our most recent collections” section.

    On our site, we would like to show twelve images, in place of the section you call “Our most recent collections,” that, when clicked, would take you to our Category pages.

    For example: If you look at the first image in our section “Products By Category,” you will see the Bosch AutoDome 800 HD PTZ Camera. Right now, when clicked, this takes you to a Product Detail page.

    Instead, we would like to use the camera as a featured image with the description “Security Systems,” that would simply link to a Category Page for that topic. And treat all twelve images the same way.

    We cannot see how to do this within your theme.

    Thank you,



    Hi Lyana,

    I would use a regular page to build that section. Use the themes shortcodes for columns and arrange the images in the columns and set them as the links you want.

    Then in the frontpage template, add a page content element and have it set to that page so that it outputs the image navigation how you want.




    Thank you Devin.

    This is a work-around we can make use of.

    Perhaps in the future, you can build this functionality (ability to add direct links to individual images) within your “Products,” “Product Slider,” and “Slider” page elements, within your template builder…?

    For those of us who not adept PHP coders, making use of the tools you provide in order to maintain consistency in our web design is essential.

    Thanks again,



    Glad that worked for you :)

    I don’t think anything like that will ever be added in to the theme simply because the shortcode functionality is the proper implementation of that. Even in Kriesi’s new theme all of the layouts are done using shortcodes simple because its a great way to handle these kinds of layouts.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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