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    Think my site’s running a little slow and I spotted W3 Total Cache can help with site performance? Has anyone used this? Or have any tips on how best to use this?

    Thank you!

    Also any other recommended plugins for increasing site speed/performance would be much appreciated.



    If you’d like to use W3TC make sure that it won’t affect WooCommerce. Personally I’d only use the “minify” and the “browser cache” feature which compresses and gzips your js/css files. The database/object cache can trigger some negative side effects and I wouldn’t use it.


    Thanks Dude, that’s very helpful. In your opinion do you think it’s the best thing to improve site performance or not? Or is there something else you recommend?


    Tbh the best thing for a better performance is a good hoster – obviously most of them aren’t cheap but you get more for your money. Cheap “5 bucks per month” hosters also need to cover their costs and the end result is that 100 or more users need to share a server and this affects the website performance dramatically.

    In addition make sure that your media files and images are not too big (eg I’ve seen thumbnail images with 1mb+ file size and this is just crazy). You can use tools like: to batch compress/shrink the images.

    That said W3TC is the best cache plugin I know and it works pretty well on all of my websites.


    Awesome thanks Dude! Very helpful!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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