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    Hi, I have some issues with page scrolling and sidebar, check those 2 pages:

    the first is perfect:

    and the second:

    (as every page of the website except the first) has a problem with the bottom side of the sidebar and with the high of the page, if you scroll the page you see that it’s not set to 100% and the sidebar moves with the content…any ideas? I only modified the custom.css for changing main menu format…



    add following code to the quick css field or css/custom.css:

    html, body {

    background-attachment: fixed !important;



    Thank you Dude,

    the background is now ok but the sidebar not yet…

    (check this: )

    do you think I’ve to add to the custom css also a

    .sidebar {

    position: fixed !important;


    would it be dangerous for the animation of the sidebar while entering in the full screen gallery mode?


    I added

    .sidebar {

    position: fixed !important;

    left:50px !important;


    it seems working… but now the sidebar doesn’t disappear during the background gallery…Maybe it’s not so terrible..


    Yes – the problem is that the slide animation requires an absolute position (not a fixed one) and that the left !important value overwrites the calculated animation values. Currently it’s not possible to use a fixed sidebar with the bg gallery script.


    Ok, at this moment i prefer an always fixed and without issues sidebar than a background gallery without sidebar, I’ll let you know in the future maybe. Thank you very much for your support. =)


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi I am having problems getting my sidebar to stay in one place without scrolling with the content area, I have tried adding the custom code, but it doesnt seem to help


    Hey holstphoto,

    I’ve just answered your question in another topic with the same issue. Make sure your cache plugin has its cache reset so any new css you add gets included live and you aren’t looking at old data.

    Also please only ask a question in one topic or make a new topic for it. That way we don’t have any accidental duplication of answers.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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