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    Hi guys,

    This is actually not a pre-sale question but a complaint. Vinay, one of your new moderators has been exceedingly difficult to get help from on the forums, in my opinion. I have being using Enfold for about 4 months now, i’ve started 24 topics and have been a regular within the forum, both writing within and reading the threads. I have been VERY pleased with all of the help that i’ve gotten so far by the moderators, some better than others but I’ve felt satisfied by the experience overall. I feel that each moderator i’ve interacted with has genuinely listened and tried to help the issues I’ve had and is competent and knowledgable with the solutions they give. However, for the past few weeks i’ve been getting responses from Vinay and I find myself CONSTANTLY needing to repeat myself within the threads, even though I am very thorough with explaining my issues. Just recently he suggested a solutions that I had already tried, which I mentioned right in my opening comment/question. It is beginning to frustrate me because I’m wasting valuable time having to re-explain myself over and over again. There have been quite a few instances like this with Vinay where I’ve had to reiterate where I shouldn’t need to. The problem is either he’s not taking enough time to read the comments thoroughly or he just really doesn’t understand the questions that are being asked. Either way, that’s an issue for someone who’s role is to help solve problems, not create more.

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up because I love the Enfold theme and it has the absolute BEST support forum i’ve ever experienced, I wouldn’t want one employee to taint the reputation. Thanks for your time and for such a great theme.




    Hey Olivia!

    We are sorry about that!

    We try to get as more information as possible from users to help them correctly and they may lead us to ask for links or screenshots. If that was the issue, for future reference, please try to attach them in your query so we can try to help you faster and better :)

    Could you please share your forum profile or threads where you had difficulties?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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