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    I set a site up about a year ago and everything was working perfectly. My client just informed me that their clients cannot access the videos on the pages. I just updated the theme from 1.4 to 1.6.

    It is set up with the FRONTPAGE as showing multiple PORTFOLIO ITEMS. In these PORTFOLIO ITEMS I used FEATURED IMAGES/VIDEOS to allow each item to have the following features:

    2. FILM TRAILER (hosted at vimeo)
    3. FILM Feature (if available, and also hosted at VIMEO).

    You can still see the posters as the first image. When you click on the arrows, you used to be able to watch the video, then click to move on to watching the feature film. Now when you click on the arrows, a preview of what used to be a the functioning video is there, but when you click PLAY, it just pulls up a lightbox image of the poster.

    One one of the projects: OUT OF SEASON, I tested changing the order and putting the trailer video first. That worked to make the trailer play, but you still can’t use the arrows to move onto the next option, which is to see the feature film, nor can you click back to the poster.

    This has rendered the site utterly ineffective. Can you please help to get this back to what it used to be (meaning how it functioned when I set it up originally??)

    Thank you,


    Hey mebebrown!

    I’m not having any issues playing video in the portfolio sections when viewing the site right now. There are some vimeo errors getting spit out but the videos are still playing.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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