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    Love the theme… been a few years since I have had to use wordpress, so just updating my portfolio. Ideally I want to know how to recreate this exact posting from the angular demo site.

    I can get an image loaded, but then either one of too things happen. The white loading circle come up with nothing, or the image links directly to vimeo page instead of playing in the prject window like sphere. What would be awesome as well would be the ability to imbed and change the size of the player

    Otherwise love the them so far.


    Hi voloh,

    To add a video, you just need to put the link into the field that pops up when you hit Add video right next to the button to add an image to a portfolio item.

    Then the video will be loaded into the portfolio item and you can either add a preview image to that video by click on the little video icon (right after you have set the video as an item in that portfolio ) or add other images to that slideshow.




    Just use….. in stead of…..

    (remove the s from the http link)


    Good point 1000zen :)

    Using http instead of https is needed for the things to work without issue as well.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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