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    Would be very difficult to add an option to the social bookmarks?

    Which files would need to change? Including the angular theme options, if possible.

    I love this theme, it’s awesome.


    ps: Sorry for my English, it’s a google translation



    you can open up your custom.css and add

    .social_bookmarks .vimeo {
    background-attachment: scroll;
    background-clip: border-box;
    background-image: url("../images/layout/icon-dribbble.png");
    background-origin: padding-box;
    background-position: 0 center;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-size: auto auto;
    .social_bookmarks .vimeo:hover {
    background-color: #E44885;
    background-position: -42px center;

    You’ll have to take a look at the /images/layout/icon-dribbble.png file and create one like this for vimeo, and then upload it to the same folder.

    Then, in your header.php add this

    echo '<li class="vimeo"><a href="" >Vimeo</a></li>';

    right below

    echo '<ul class="social_bookmarks">';


    Thanks for the answer, the solution works. But, it’s possible to change the wp-admin angular options interface?


    Sorry, but the solution it’s not entirely correct. The close button of the Top Banner Message is behind of the social bookmarks.


    Same problem with the Top Banner and i probably missed it but where do you put your vimeo login name ?



    Problem solved. The variable that controls the elements within social bookmarks is $social, therefore. putting this:

    $social ++ ;

    Whit this shortens Top Banner Message:

    $social ++; echo '<li class="vimeo"><a href="" target="_blank">Vimeo</a></li>';

    But I would like to add this option in the theme options. Thanks.


    Thank you but doesn’t open in a blank page

    I would love having in the theme option too with linkedin


    Easy, simply remove the target.

    For the other, repeat the steps above changing vimeo for linkedin.

    And to change the theme options? Some help? Thanks



    you can add the option to anuglarincludesadminregister-admin-options.php – search for following code part:

    $avia_elements[] =	array(
    "name" => "Your facebook page/group/account",
    "desc" => "Enter the url to your facebook page/group/account. If you leave this blank the facebook link in the head and footer of your site wont be displayed.",
    "id" => "facebook",
    "slug" => "avia",
    "std" => "",
    "type" => "text");

    duplicate it and replace facebook with linkedin.


    would not have to touch the header too?


    Well, with this method the link opens in lightbox. How I can fix that?


    You can do two things. Either you do what Dude suggested (with the styling I suggested – without touching the header) and add in this where I said you should touch the header:

    if($dribbble = avia_get_option('dribbble')) { $social ++; echo "<li class='dribbble'><a href='".$dribbble."'>".__('Follow us on dribbble', 'avia_framework')."</a></li>";

    Change every occurance of “dribbble” to whatever you’d like and adjust the text and link to your needs.

    This, in combination with Dude’s suggestion should work.

    The other option, without adding it to your Features is to do what I suggested and move the “close” a little to the left by adding this to your Quick Css too

    #top .close_info_text{right:30px;}


    Thanks for reply. I follow this steps.

    In register-admin-options.php:

    $avia_elements[] =	array(
    "name" => "Your vimeo page/channel/account",
    "desc" => "Enter the url to your vimeo page/channel/account. If you leave this blank the vimeo link in the head and footer of your site wont be displayed.",
    "id" => "vimeo",
    "slug" => "avia",
    "std" => "",
    "type" => "text");


    if($vimeo = avia_get_option('vimeo')) { $social ++; echo "<li class='vimeo'><a href='".$vimeo."'></a></li>"; }

    And the custom.css:

    .social_bookmarks .vimeo {
    background-attachment: scroll;
    background-clip: border-box;
    background-image: url("../images/layout/icon-vimeo.png");
    background-origin: padding-box;
    background-position: 0 center;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-size: auto auto;
    .social_bookmarks .vimeo:hover {background-position: -42px center; background-color: #333333;}

    All its OK, but, when click the icon opens lightbox. What’s the problem?

    ps: Sorry for my english, it’s a girlfriend translation :)


    I’m still looking for something easy i guess : when you click on one of the social icon in the top banner, i want a blank page. (target=blank) : sorry, i’m not a developper, and i would like to have the exact sentence to copy/paste in the header.php file. ( i will only change the social name and/or login stuff of course!)

    thank you very much guys, and good work for this theme.



    This has also become a problem for myself.

    I have followed the steps as ‘evilactiviti’ above, replacing ‘dribble’ with ‘vimeo’, I have the icon displaying correctly but when I click on it a blank lightbox entry opens?

    Wondering what could have gone wrong here ?

    Many Thanks,


    Hello guys, i guess you’re really busy … but is that so hard to tell us how to do this simple task ?


    Just to clarify,

    The ‘linkedin’ social bookmark works perfectly, it is just the ‘vimeo’ link which doesn’t work properly. In displays properly with a logo etc but once clicked I just get a lightbox window pop up that hangs.

    They are both set up in the exact same manner.

    Many Thanks,



    that’s exactly my problem only with vimeo. Everything looks fine, but when clicked, it hangs with a lightbox pop up…i don’t know why adding target=_blank thingie in the header.php isn’t working but well … i am not a developper.

    thanks !


    Hey all.

    Found the solution.

    Just add class=’noLightbox’ to the href :)

    So for example:

    if($vimeo  = avia_get_option('vimeo'))  { $social ++; echo "<li class='vimeo'>
    <a href='".$vimeo."' target="_blank" class='noLightbox'>".__('Follow me on Vimeo', 'avia_framework')."</a></li>"; }

    Works for me..

    Good luck.


    Cool! It works perfect. Thank you very much


    Glad that you found the solution :)


    Working ! … nice one .. thank you ben, and btw, really nice 3D portfolio you have.


    Thanks mate :-)


    All those lines annoying me i hope we gonna have an update with real social links integrate.


    I’m not sure how this is a problem – it’s a two step process to make it work. It’s been noted and it will be taken into account when updates are made.

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