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    Hello. I have two questions, and they are somewhat related.

    1. On the Angular theme demo site, the portfolio categories (All/CSS/HTML/PSD/Video) are displayed above every portfolio item. On mine, those categories are only displayed on the homepage. How can I get them to show up above every portfolio item? I’d like to make it so people know what category they are in.

    2. I am able to view portfolio items two ways: through the thumbnails on the homepage, or by going to the portfolio tab at the top of the page. If I view a portfolio item from the homepage, it says “Next Entry” and “Previous Entry” at the bottom of the image. However, if I view a portfolio item through the Portfolio tab, it gives the + – x buttons. I’d like to be consistent throughout, and I prefer to have the +-x buttons. How can I do this?

    Finally, on the pages with the +-x buttons, the horizontal line with the yellow on the left side is interfering with the boxes holding the +-x. How can I remove the line with the yellow on the left side from the pages that display portfolio items? (I would want to keep that line on all other pages.)

    See here for reference:



    You are using Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio to create your portfolios and not the Template Builder which is the wrong approach. You should only use the Angular > Theme Options > Portfolio page to create the meta fields and/or set the slug. However you should not use it to designate pages as portfolios.

    Once you make every page the same as the homepage (via a template) you will be able to see more options for the creation of the portfolio via the Template Builder. The homepage portfolio that opens on the same page is the Ajax Portfolio which opens portfolio items right on the same page, and has the – + X. If you would like, you can make every portfolio page like that by only using dynamic template portfolio.




    Thank you for your response. What you suggested definitely helped.

    I also had a question about this line not lining up with the boxes that hold the -+x:

    I either want to get rid of that line on pages where there is the -+x, or align it with the top of those boxes.



    I guess you just need to add a margin-top to the portfolio container. Can you post a link to the portfolio page please?

    Best regards,



    I am working locally. Almost ready to go live with the site. What would the code be with the margin-top?



    You can try following css code – insert it into the quick css field:

    .template-dynamic .template-portfolio-overview {
    margin-top: 20px;

    Best regards,



    Thank you, that works.


    Glad that Peter took care of that.

    Have fun!,



    I’m going to go back to one of my original questions, because it didn’t totally get resolved.

    Right now on my homepage I have a big rotating slideshow, with the portfolio item thumbnails below it. What I want to have happen is when I click on a portfolio item, that image pops up, and the big slideshow goes away. However, I also want to be able to view the -+x symbol. To get the big slideshow to go away after I click a portfolio item, it is my impression that I have to set the portfolio option in the template builder to Show On Single Page. However, if I select this option, I do not see the -+x. Instead, it says “Next Entry” and “Previous Entry” at the bottom of the image. Is there a way to have the main slideshow images go away when you click a portfolio item thumbnail, and the -+x navigation still appears?



    No, unfortunately this is not easily possible because the slideshow and the portfolio are two different (and separated) elements.



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