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    I’m trying to get videos as part of a case study overview and wanted to know if it’s possible to have a slideshow or portfolio within a tabbed area?

    If you check my progress so far you will see I’m actively using links, toggles and want to put videos into Case Study and Video Feedback sections if it’s possible and they will look pretty gruesome if they’re ‘down the page’ rather than in a managed set of columns, etc

    Please let me know what’s possible.



    you can insert videos by using the embed shortcode: or you just insert them by using the media gallery functions (top left insert meda buttons on editor page).


    Hi Dude

    Thanks, though I know how to insert video, my question was how can I arrange them horizontally (as in a portfolio) or as a slideshow, within the tabbed area. Is this possible?



    Technically, there’s no reason why you could nest a slideshow or other sections within a tabbed area. A number of shortcodes are included with the theme in order to accomodate the majority of requests and you could add your sections / elements here.

    The demo provides a comprehensive list of options available to you – This can also be reproduced on your own site (to show you actual examples of how they work) by using the dummy content importer through the Theme Options page.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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