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    Hi there!

    I need to put some videos inside the toggles in some posts, because I’m doing some video tutorials and I want to split the topics using the toggles. But there is an issue, when I insert the first video It works like charm, but whenever I insert the other ones they just don’t show, even the first one disappear.

    Need help with this please, it’s very urgent!

    Thanks a lot in advanced.


    Also…In the feedback buttom, The word feedback is not displaying correctly, it’s only showing the “K” letter :/



    Can you post a link to your website so we can see this in action?




    Here it is, I esnure you that there are videos inside the toggles, but they are just not showing up. :(

    http://www.gluedsgn.com/tutoriales/2012/07/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -prueba-de-futuro/



    Try to use old video embedding procedure that uses Object instead of iframe, see if it works.




    No, cant use that…I have to use Vimeo embed system, because i need to make use of their private system, so….that’s not a solution, I mean it has to work with the most standard embed code, not the old one guys….:(


    Ok, I did tried using the old embed code and it almost worked…still you can see a lots of artifacts in Firefox, not in Chrome. However thats not a solution for me because Vimeo not longer supports that code and if I change something in the original video, it will not be updated in the embedded one, or worst, it will become blank until I re-embed it. So thats no good at all for what I want…:( Could you please give another solution for this bug?



    I marked this thread for Kriesi’ds attention.

    Best regards,



    Found a solution to the issue: the avia_small_fixes(container); in line 111 sets the size of the iframes, based on the parent element (so that they are fully responsive as well.) since the parent element in those elements are hidden, the iframe is set to zero height as well.

    the next update will fix this, for now you can simply remove the function call in line 111 of js/avia.js

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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