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    Hi there,

    In the Portfolio view all the Videos are Playing in that Little thumbnailthing if the user doesn’t Click on the movietitle. That is the Most useless Function ever in a paid theme like this :/ how do i change this behaviou?

    And a Second Question to the end: When do wie get an Updated/fixed Version of this beautiful theme?



    You can check it on my Site:

    Click on one of the Videos And it will be Played straight in the overview :/


    Hi destynate,

    I’m sorry you don’t like the video functionality in the portfolio :(

    A change of functionality/additional options has been asked as a feature request to Kriesi a few times in the past few weeks but I’ve not heard if it will be implemented or not.

    I’ll check with Kriesi to see when the next theme update is coming out.




    Ok, i’m glad to hear from you soon :)

    And btw: i like the Portfolio. But Videos in that tiny thumbnailspace absolutely doesn’t make Sense ;) i’ve got several “complainments” from other People in the last few days about that “Feature” ;-)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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