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    Hi there

    Is there a way to play video in the expanded lightbox after you click on an item on the the portfolio?

    For instance on this link, you can I’ve got 4 items, 2 pictures and two videos. However when I click on the work and the lightbox expands it only show the pictures but not the videos.

    How can I get the videos to play on the expanded lightbox as well?

    Otherwise anyone expanded the lightbox will only be able to see half of my work.

    Also how can I add tags to my work and not just items on the blog?

    Hope you can help.




    Hi guys

    Finally I managed to get the vim video to play inside the expanded lightbox!!!

    Many thanks to member Bradpennock for pointing in the right direction in the first place.

    Basically like he advised, I looked for the Avia.js file located in Angular/js/avia.js.

    Then in line 1144 I looked for…


    autolinkElements: ‘a[rel^=”prettyPhoto”], a[rel^=”lightbox”], a[href$=jpg], a[href$=png], a[href$=gif], a[href$=jpeg], a[href$=”.mov”] , a[href$=”.swf”] , a[href*=”vimeo.coma”] , a[href*=””] , a[href*=””]’


    There you take a[href*=”vimeo.coma”] and change it for a[href*=””].

    Then do all the usual, in your portfolio entry go to Featured media and add a picture cover for your video. Then Select ‘show’ on the right. Then in the ‘Apply link to image’ menu, select ‘Link manually’. On the ‘Enter URL’ enter your video address, ie: and presto!!

    Have a great weekend.



    Hi Zorrrrro,

    Glad you were able to find the fix! Odd that there was a spelling error in your files. I just checked in Angular 1.2.2 and the spelling in that function is correct (com vs coma).

    Either way I’m glad its working for you now :)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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