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    Problem: Video portfolio item thumbnails don’t link to their page like they should when set to “Link to this post”. We have tested this with and without a additional thumbnail option. Please help!


    Hi propagandalabs,

    Do you have a link that I could take a look at the issue live?


    http://s3377.at1.pressdns.com/ the hand appears but no actual link to its portfolio-item page


    Any luck figuring it out?


    Hey Devin, any luck figuring this out? We have tried changing the link type several times) – also we noticed video thumbs don’t link in Chrome either.


    Hi propagandalabs,

    It looks like this is an issue within the theme that needs a fix. I’ve reported the issue to Kriesi to get added into the next theme update.


    Devin – THANK YOU. Kind of a big issue that was driving us nuts. Sorry to pm u here but are you going to SXSW? There’s a beer in it just because you answer me….so here’s a workaround for the people:

    This assumes that you have turned the ajax “same-page” slider option OFF, and you want your thumbs to link to a separate slider portfolio-item page.

    1. Set your LAYOUT & SETTINGS>Slideshow behavior on overview pages> to (3rd option) “Display only single image on overview pages and all slideshow images except the first one on single entries.” (which, in English for humans, means “1st slide is only the thumb”)

    2. In the case you have a video, USE A JPG AS YOUR 1st SLIDE, and your video as the second slide. First slide becomes the thumb, and links to video.

    3. In the case you want your thumb to also appear as the first slide USE 2 OF THE SAME IMAGE AS 1st and 2nd SLIDES.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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