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    Not sure what happened, everything was working fine but now, no matter what thumbnail I select from Gallery slide show/w thumbs it’s always going to same video. Links are correct but somehow, it’s not going where it should go to grab the vid and play it. Also, upon loading page, before slider images appear, I see that video load temporarily.

    You can see what’s happening here:

    I even tried changing links to vimeo but it won’t work either…it’ll still go and play this single vid from daily motion…seems I can’t even change the links of my featured images anymore, it just always goes back to this daily motion one.

    This is baffling me.

    If you can point me in the right direction that would be great!



    have you recently installed any plugins that might have caused it? This doesn’t happen if nothing was touched.. That’s all I can think of really. Try deactivating your plugins one by one to see if this changes anything. Let us know if it works =]


    Hi Chris

    Ya I have a lot of plugins…but darn…I need them all :(

    But I don’t recall installing any new ones recently and I think it was all working fine…but I guess I’ll have to try your option as I also can’t think of what could have happened.

    Might have happened with an upgrade for a plugin though….arrrgg



    ok, I deactivated every single plugin one by one and tested the site…no go…still playing same vid no matter what thumbnail is selected.

    I am totally baffled…any other suggestions? Corrupted files? replace some files via ftp (which ones?) ?

    I really have no idea what happened…I haven’t really changed this site for almost 2 months now…just adding blog posts and upgrading plugins & wp but that’s it and since I already tried deactivating all plugins….I am at a loss. I have more plugins there that I was testing but they are not activated anymore. Just sitting there for further testing later when I have more time.




    the php/html output looks correct. Maybe it’s a js problem. Try to download the latest version of Velvet and add the updated files (mentioned in version.rtf) to your theme.


    you’re the man Dude!!! Avia.js was the problem :D

    Thanks hon!!!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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