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    My blog is very heavy in video content, but after I purchased this theme, I noticed it seems to have several problems with videos.

    Here’s my test site: http://www.srsgamerz.com/Test

    As you can see the slide show doesn’t work correctly and you can see a clipped video just below it too.

    So here’s the problem. I took one of your existing video posts and simply changed the URL in the featured media to be the video I wanted to be (check this link: http://srsgamerz.com/Test/?p=6)

    Everything works correctly.

    Then I made another post, and I used the same settings you used, i.e., “Link to this post” in the “apply link to this image?” field.

    Here’s the result, the video is clipped: http://srsgamerz.com/Test/?p=381

    Not only that, but then the whole design gets messed up. The slideshow stops working correctly, the video page’s layout is all wrong (I didn’t change it from the default import I did to see how you created the pages so it should still look like you made it), all the videos are shown in one column rather than 2 columns.

    Trying other settings also creates problems. For example using the “Link manually”, “Embed this video”, “Lightbox image” etc. all of those don’t work. The result is still a messed up slide show, and a clipped video when I go look at it on the page.

    The custom template field is left blank, like you did. If I make a “blog” template and apply it to the page, the video will not show at all in the article, but it will show in the slide show (as it’s in my featured category) and it will still mess up the design.

    Also am I right in saying that I shouldn’t embed any video with a normal embed code in the body of the post? Every time I do that, half of the front page just disappears.

    I am using BlipTV as video service, I tried with Youtube and I get exactly the same problem.

    Also, every time I want to put an image in a post, just, you know, in the middle of the text, again, the whole slideshow gets messed up, and the theme tries to show it in the slideshow itself.

    Currently I am not using any plugin and I am using WordPress 3.2.1

    Any ideas? I need something that works with videos, I need something that doesn’t just allow me to put a one picture on top of an article, but rather, that it lets me put pictures wherever I want. Right now this seems to be very difficult.



    I’ll report it to Kriesi. Seems to be a bug with the video embedding function.


    Thank you very much, looking forward to the reply :)


    Let me add something else. The problem appears to be the same with images. I put up a second test blog without importing the default posts:

    Check this: http://srsgamerz.com/test2/

    You click on the image, and when you look at the post it’s clipped too.


    Any news on this?


    Kriesi didn’t report back yet….


    No reply yet, I have had to buy another team, thus spending double the amount of money.


    I’m sorry to hear this. I asked Kriesi to look into it asap but I can understand that it’s too slow if you’re in a hurry.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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