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    Hey guys,

    Here’s a few things im not quite understanding that is in the demo but I can’t seem to get it on my site.

    1.) How do you make one of 3 column buttons on the bottom of the homepage (DISPLAY) be clickable to open a video in a light box? Where do you import that video? Can it be linked to vimeo? Is this a page, a post, code is css, what?

    2.) I’m not understanding how the main slider works? To do the 3D animations on it is that a custom coding thing in the CSS? That seems like a pretty extensive amount of work to do, especially if you wanted to update the slider weekly. Please help! Thanks so much and awesome theme!



    the slider uses Cu3er (a flash slider). You can set your images by using the config.xml file (located in the “slideshow” folder) or by using the image manager with can be found under Display options in your wp admin backend. PLease refer to the documentation for more details.

    2) In you post/page editor you’ll see an option field called “Display Preview image options”. One option is called “Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox” – there you can enter your vimeo url, etc.


    But with the Cu3er flash slider, in your “Frontpage Slider” options, I have the “Use 3D Flash Slideshow” selected and the “Use Slideshow Manager below” and it is not working. What am I doing wrong??? :(


    Did you enter absolute paths to your images in the image manager? Sometimes (depending on the server) you need to use the config.xml (located in the folder “slideshow”) to display your images. Does the config.xml methode work?



    I am having a follow-on issue.

    In the post/page editor, when I insert a YouTube URL into the “Display Preview image options” the Image Media Uploader loads instead. I can not upload directly from YouTube, and I can’t insert the Youtube URL because the image media loader is popping up-not the video loader.

    All I basically want to do is add videos to post pages and have them open in Lightbox. Is that possible without installing Pretty Photo?



    ^ Check out this page :

    I’m doing something right, and something wrong for the video lightbox display.

    ^_^ Thanks in advance.



    You need to insert a direct youtube link. At the moment you’re linking to: but the link must be:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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