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    I am trying to get my video stream page to show the full video size which is 480×360 as well as the full chat window which is 500×360. As you can see by going to, it cuts off half of the video when adding anything below whether its the chat or just text. I have tried building the page using widgets, directly adding the content into the page using code, and by creating a special template and they all result in the same end which is a cut off video stream window that you have to scroll to see.

    I Need HELP before our next webstream which is tomorrow.


    Hi jmwilliams83,

    You’ve done the first step by forcing the iframe to a specific height with css. You can further refine this by making it only effect that page with: iframe{
    height: 360px !important;

    Generally, you can modify an iframe by putting it inside a column shortcode so that it has a container to expand to 100% within (this is for responsive design purposes).



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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