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    Love the theme!

    I’m having a small issue: when I include the video URL (eg Vimeo link) in the portfolio item slideshow, if I go back to main Portfolio page, click on the thumbnail, it takes me to the portfolio item, and then the Vimeo (or Youtube) video loads up immediately, directly on the Vimeo website!

    Any help here would be most appreciated…



    Hi john_imprint,

    Can we take a look a whats happening live? I’m not quite clear on what you mean but maybe seeing it first hand will illustrate the issue better and allow for a fix.




    It’s hard to explain but I had to remove the video from the slider because otherwise I can’t work on the site at all…

    Basically if you put the video URL into a slider (using the button in the admin panel) when you go to that page on the website, the slider loads the video super quick, and then the entire web page redirects to the actual Vimeo page which relates to the video in the slider.

    So it actually leaves my website.

    Hopefully you can see why I had to take it out…


    I’m not sure why this would happen. Were you adding the video with the green button that says “Add video or iframe”? Can you try using any other vimeo link and see if maybe a setting with that specific video is causing the issue. I seem to remember something like that happening before but as I’m not a big vimeo user I can’t point you in the direction of where something like that might be set.

    If you can create an item with the video in it like you had it before but keep it in a category or page un linked to on your site, we can take a look at it and potentially find out what is causing the issue. Otherwise I’m not sure what else to suggest.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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