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    I just tried to place a vimeo video in the homescreen slider but it doesn’t load. It only shows a black slide.

    This problem occurs only when the page is loaded “as homepage” (i.e. loading and not when the specific page is loaded (i.e loading ).

    What I tried:

    • Using different videos and a different source (YouTube instead of Vimeo)
    • Placing the video as first slide (normally it should be the 2nd)
    • Changing the Frontpage Settings in Flagship – Theme Options to another page and back to the one I wanted
    • Updating the permalinks

    None of that worked.

    I also noticed, when the homescreen tries to load the “video slider”, the slider box itself stays the same size, while when I load the same slide on the specific page ( /home/ ), the page adapts to the video size (the content is pushed down and the video fills the space).

    Any idea?

    P.S.: I can’t link a (not) working sample page because this currently happens on a live site, and I don’t want potential clients to see this.


    UPDATE: I solved the issue.

    I simply used the iframe code given by Vimeo instead of the simple URL.

    But you should check this out anyway.



    Glad to hear you took care of that. This will be checked out, thanks for pointing it out. Enjoy the theme!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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